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Helping Teen Athletes build Confidence through Strength

495 Strength and Performance develops athletes in semi-private and private settings. Our focus on Strength, Speed, Agility, and Mindset is achieved with old school methods, basic athletic movement, and age-appropriate exercises. If you are an Athlete who wants to make Varsity, gain All-Conference Honors, or land a College Scholarship, 495 Strength & Performance is for you. We have facilities in North Bethesda, Bethesda, and Germantown.

Our Story #CommunitySupportedFitness

Our Story begins with a random, free Saturday morning bodyweight bootcamp at a Bethesda, MD elementary school, and has evolved into a comprehensive, yet simple, idea of #CommunitySupportedFitness.

We wanted to provide a convenient and supportive fitness environment to raise the level of health and longevity for Bethesda, MD. From our humble beginning outdoors with a small bootcamp to an athlete development center to a Record-Setting Powerlifting Club. We continue to evolve with the goal of giving back to the community.

If you are looking for Greatness, 495 Strength & Performance is your guide.

Coach JJ

I have always been an athlete. I love competition. From Little League Baseball to Friday Night Lights in High School, the city-wide marathons of my ’20s, and USA Powerlifting and USA Weightlifting in my ’30s.

I am not a personal trainer. I am a strength coach.

In our training, we develop personal goals, a game plan, and then execute it. I modify workouts on the spot to meet the athlete’s needs in an age-appropriate manner. Our group sessions include learning barbell movements, bodyweight and resistance training, speed, agility, and coordination. We combine strength with speed and coordination to produce athlete’s coaches love.

Just the Stats

Jonathan Jurewicz: Owner; head coach
Certifications: USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach; USA Powerlifting Club Coach; SafeSport Certification
Location: Bethesda, Maryland


From Google 7/19/21

JJ is an excellent trainer who really focuses on so much more than just building strength. Our son has worked with him for almost a year. JJ hasn’t just told him what to lift, he has taught him how to lift. With proper form and progression, my son a gained a ton of strength safely, no injuries. And, between his consistent improvement in strength and the camaraderie in the gym, my son’s confidence has soared. He was like a different kid on the football field this year. Thanks, JJ!

From Google 5/31/20:
I started training with Coach Jonathan from 495 Strength and Performance a month ago and I already am and feel stronger. I was able to go from doing around 15 chin-ups to 21. My 40yard dash time went from 5.6 to 5.3. My bench press, deadlift and squat also skyrocketed. I’m putting on mass thanks to him. He’s very professional, dedicated and he has experience.
Thanking you in strength 495 ! 💪🏽💪🏽

From Google: 2/2/20
Coach JJ has been amazing. He has worked with our 12 y/o for overall fitness improvement and to prepare for the upcoming basketball season. We have seen marked improvements and my son looks forward to attending his training sessions. Coach JJ’s plan and meal plan discussions have definitely been on time and on target.

From Google: 1/15/20
Coach JJ is the only trainer that has been able to keep me motivated and engaged for more than a few months. JJ has been my coach for almost 2 years in with his bootcamp ( 3 days a week) and strength training. I have seen real results in strength, energy and general well-being. I run 5Ks now which I was never able to do before in my 30s and 40s. JJ has been available to coach me with a individual plan while on vacation or at the office gym. He has also coached my son who had no fitness training prior and is very happy with his results. I can’t say enough great things about Coach JJ and his methods.

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Barbell Club for USAPL and USAW teen athletes

Teen Athlete Training in Bethesda, MD and Germantown, MD

Mobile / Remote Coaching for Powerlifters and those training with a barbell

Middle School Athlete Development in Bethesda, MD

Community Supported Fitness, outdoor bootcamp for adults in Bethesda, MD

Stronger, Faster, Tougher

Barbell Club: For athletes that are serious about improving in their sport and applying it to a new sport, Raw Powerlifting (USAPL competition in the Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift) or Olympic Weightlifting (USAW competition in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk). The Barbell Club meets at 6PM and 7PM Monday through Friday in Bethesda, MD

  • Teen Athlete Training in Bethesda and Germantown: Semi-private strength and conditioning athletic training from middle school through high school. Workouts are focused on full-body, compound movements to improve strength, speed, coordination, and agility for the athlete. Teen Athlete Classes are in Bethesda at 5PM on Monday and Wednesday, 6PM and 7PM Monday through Friday, and Germantown at 4PM Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Community Supported Fitness – Adult Group Bootcamp: This is where we started and how we have continued! Our high energy bootcamps held before the work hours, are designed to complement an active lifestyle and healthy diet to bring about long-term health. Our group meets Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings at 6:30 AM (8:39 AM Saturday) at North Bethesda Middles School.

Private Coaching: From Power lifting (USAPL) to Olympic Weightlifting (USAW) and Bodybuilding to General Strength, I will guide you the best version of yourself. You will be taught proper movement technique with the highest standards. We will discuss your fitness and strength goals, and guide your nutrition to complement your goals. As your train for competition whether a powerlifting meet, wrestling season, football season, or the Candidate Fitness Assessment for the US Service Academies, I’ll be in your corner, eliminating the guess work, and guiding you to your best performance.

Online & Remote Coaching: Not in the Bethesda Area, have your own garage or basement gym. Coach JJ will program and motivate you. With online coaching, I provide individualized programming for the month and a weekly 1-hour call/Facetime. Remote Coaching includes the online programming, video review of your lifts, and USAPL/USAW meet coaching.

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